Thursday, March 6, 2008

What is 10Star doing to build wealth?

You may be wondering, why trust this stranger's tips? Where's the proof that this 10 Star is really 'making' it and it's not some hoax?? Well my friends, you should trust these tips because they are not my own! They are those of the experts! If I knew all the tricks and tips I'd have written a book like the rest of them! However, you must realize that I am a millionaire in training, as most of us are! Right now, I'm still on my journey and there fore I haven't "made it" yet. Please reognize that success takes time. Why waste my time on this blog if my purpose wasn't to share and discuss strategies of winning in this game called life? I wouldn't! I have MySpace, Xanga and AIM to waste time!!

All I want to do is bring people along in my campaign to WIN. How am I doing it? I'm in the process of being considered for Robert Allen's Billion dollar Challenge this year. I have my own home-based network marketing/ direct selling business. I'm an Independent Assoc. with USANA Health Sciences ( a blog will be posted in the future about this). I'm trying PPC ads online, I'm working 3 days a week for a pauper's wage (in my opinion) and just got an offer to tutor 3 extra days a week ($90 a week!). My favorite strategy is to use OPM and OPS. Sounds like a disorder doesn't it? lolz But it's not!! OPM=OtherPeople'sMoney; OPS=OtherPeople'sStuff It may soundlike a scam, but I assure you it's not as bad as you think! How many times has someone got a skill or is equipped with something you don't have? Haven't they offered their services, skills and/or equipment to you? OPS! Donations, grants...OPM!!

I've got all this going on PLUS going to school full time! As you can see, 10 Star stays hard at work!!

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